Thursday, October 23, 2014

Ice Blade Batman

Ice Blade Batman

Just like every line has a water type Batman, they also always have an Ice type regardless of Mr. Freeze's presence on the line such as Arctic Batman, Glacier Shield Batman, Anti-Freeze Batman and pretty much all of Batman & Robin. This is one of the nicest onces in my opinion.

The figure is post sonar suit, and he's got the whole clear body thing going on. It looks really nice on this figure though! He also comes with a massive clear blue plastic transforming sled backpack!

Swing the backpack forward and the sleds forward and we've got ourselves a ice sled! It's a very nice sled and it slides on smooth surfaces quite well actually!

The sled and figure are both extremely detailed, a very nice sculpt. I love how they followed through with the movie's techno-organic feel featured in their weapons, vehicles and outfits. Very nice keeping that in mind. Most Batman lines have a set style that follows the movie or an artist and I love it when they keep true to that when it comes to designing action figures.

Standard 5 POA, clear blue suit lets light through like a charm. I rather love the effect on this figure. Too bad it's so difficult to take a picture of the effect. Also he's got a 6th point of articulation as the neck can move in a "yes" way in order to accommodate for the sled. It's refreshing!

"you'll be put on ice, Riddler!"

One of my favorite figures from the line, I can understand why I'd consider it underrated as well (by whom? I'm the only well known variant collector anyways...?). This figure brings me back fond memories. He's part of what I call the "New York Triumvirate". I visited New York in '96, and my sister was born there. I have a sordid medical history I'm not going to go into, but my parents despite being low income always bought me Batman figures (dinosaurs too, but Batman was more prevalent). I bought this along with Batarang Batman, reviewed below and Neon Armor Batman one day at the New York Toys R Us, along with the Batmobile and the Batman+Robin 2 pack on a different day, which would be part of the team, but they...aren't. Let's just say that even though Batarang Batman sucks, I hold it in high regard as well as this figure and Neon Armor Batman, which will be reviewed next! Aaahhh good times, good times. I remember Toys R Us being FULL of Batman figures. They were what today we call "shelfwarmers"! They had bins FULL of Batman Forever stuff and it was all new to me! And now thanks to Mattel, Batman presence is absolutely minimal on shelves. How times have changed...

Also, Ice Blade Batman has a repaint in B&R that may just be the most hideously colored Batman ever, but we'll cross that bridge when the time comes.

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