Saturday, October 18, 2014

Crusader Robin WB exclusive

Crusader Robin WB Exclusive

Kind of a lame transitional vehicle into the next line, I rather enjoy this color scheme of Crusader Robin, but it does not top or the original, but you be the judge of that.

I'm not fond of getting these on the mail especially since they occupy space I don't actually have, but sometimes there's a seller who's offering tons of loose complete figures and you fall for a repaint or two...this was such a case, and shame on me but repaints I classify as individual figures so I might as well. Next pictures will depict all differences and similarities between the original LoB Crusader Robin and this one the WB exclusive:

I really like the wash on the chainmail for this figure, it's very nice and fancy and you can tell this isn't just a repaint but a thoughtful one, and the rest of the colors are quite nice. I kind of prefer this over the original despite how colorful it is.

That's what they look like with each others' accessories. Cool right? Well, look forward to one more transitional and then we'll jump into 1995!

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