Sunday, October 12, 2014

Hyper Crush Robin

Knight Force Ninjas

Always a loyal companion of Batman's fight against crime, Robin practices his razor sharp fighting skills against a a punching bag of Gotham City's most fearsome villain: Bane. With his karate chop perfected, Robin aims to help Batman take back the night...

While some may say this is a lazy repaint of Side Strike Robin, this actually manages to hold its own as an individual figure with new weapons and a re-tooled head.

The mother of pear outfit is very strange and eye popping. I have never seen that color on an action figure before, and I gotta say that the colors look good on this figure. The head is a retool with a different mask, and he's not grinding his teeth either.

His action feature is the same as before: Squeeze the legs and he will side chop against a target, this time being a Bane punching bag! The punching bag has a spherical bottom so it bobs around when stricken, striking back at Robin! This is a very cool accessory if you ask me. I want to put it on my Batcave's danger room at some point. In fact all of these figures' accessories should go there at some point. He comes with a multi-nun chuck knife whip thing and a sharp fan that he can hold on the hole in his left gauntlet. He also comes with a knife staff weapon, but I forgot to put it on the picture.

That's what he looks like without his cape.

AND that's the other weapon.

I think this is a cool figure that manages to depart from Side Strike Robin quite a bit as it has cool new accessories.

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