Sunday, October 5, 2014

JLA Batman

JLA Batman

I got this rather recently Mint in Box just for you guys!

The back features a little bio that I'm too lazy to type up, and a cut out comic cover that you can put on the groove of the base.

As we shall see eventually, this is a repaint of a Batman from Batman & Robin with the head of a Man of Steel Cyber Link Batman. Today you will get a preview!

I think it's a nice figure, the one we didn't get in B&R. B&R is a mixed back of emotions. The nice shiny armor and the more opaque boots and gauntlets are quite nice. The JLA base is the same as the blue one I reviewed a few weeks ago.

This figure as you can see is a repaint of Heat Scan Batman. When I review B&R you're gonna get a more in-depth look at this mold, as well as the other repaint of the same mold: Sky Assault Batman. Let's have some fun shall we?

I really hate those lasers.

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