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Skywing Street Bike

Skywing Street Bike

With more at stake, Batman must retaliate with his most aggressive vehicle yet. Equipped with his Neural Suit technology, he develops the mighty, dual personality Skywing street Bike. With a powerful burst of wings, it converts from a ground cycle to an air assualt vehicle with relentless nose-mounted rocket attack.

The only vehicle released for this line, this thing is BOSS! It's a living Bat/Bike! He probably even talks like Saba from Power Rangers!

Mostly blue, black and silver, this bike rolls along nicely. It's exquisitely detailed; you can see the membranes on the bat's wings, the digits, hair, muscle, veins, and tons of personality on that bat-out-of-hell face.

Pressing the ears down will cause the jaws to open and the nose to fire. Now, there's something here to be said about the yellow used on the wheels and on some details. It's quite off-putting. I think orange would have been a better color, or a more detailed paint job to highlight the tons of details. Instead it's all kind of spray painted, but that does not mean it's a bad effect. It actually works with Series 1 of the line which is when it was released. They went nuts with the spraypainting then.

A button on the back will make the wings spring forward, which is awesome. This is a very large vehicle so it's a monstrous effect every time the wings come out. A bike that can a bat. Who knew?

Before I get into the figure I must note that this bike is kind of a low rider, like a Harley. The Batman figure sort of sits back and enjoys the ride. This gives off a Lobo sort of idea in my opinion. The figure's hands are molded in that odd lateral flexion that looks painful and once he sits he sort of "holds" the blatantly yellow handles...but he doesn't really hold anything. If anything, his hands flex in the way a bat would flex its hand to form the wing, but that's just me noticing the similarities between ana...ok NVM. The figure is kind of lame. Comes in a dull silver (Like Spline Cape Batman's dull gold) and black. There's nothing much to be said about it, but hey at least he WAS included. Look at the positives people, look at the positives.

That just shows you the details under the wings. Looks like a creepy giant bat Gargoyle holding or fused to a motor. I wish the exhaust pipes were done in a different color, separating the beast from the machine.

The bike has a working stand that allows it to stay upright, and a cover on the back wheel that can be moved up and down. I do not know what use it has, but when down it looks like a low ride, and when up it looks like a dirtbike...sort of. Cool little detail.

"I'm comin' to git'cha, bub!"

The bike is really cool, highly recommended. It's got tons of playability, it's scary, aesthetically pleasing, but not perfect. That is a sentiment reflected along this and every Batman figure ever. Is there perfection? What is perfection? Favoring one art style over another? That's the thing about Batman figures. They are varied as the comic book art itself, and this line perfectly depicts that scary, dark, long eared bat-out-of-hell that has been brewing since the 80's. Think of it as the pre-Jim Lee era. Being a Batman fan, I take shame on the fact that I'm pretty much ARTIST ILLITERATE, as in I don't know who drew this or that. I just remember the usuals: Jim Lee, that guy who did the ultra realistic, ultra Caucasian heroes from Kingdom come, Miller, Azarello's year one, etc. But you'd think I'd remember the guy who brought us the long bat ears, the long face (why the long face?) whose art clearly inspires this line? Shame on me. This was a great line. Underrated like all of Kenner/Hasbro figures. Ask yourselves: Has Mattel done any better? Boy have I got some nice Mattel treats planned for this blog hehe.

And that concludes Legends of the Dark Knight. Unfortunately I am missing Shatterblade Batman because he's just a lame repaint of my least liked figure of all time, but at the same time, The Dark Knight Detective: the black version is also missing. Once I acquire them (and I will) they shall be reviewed. The Toyfare specimens are a little bit hard, and it appears pigs will fly before I ever have access to any of them, especially in a highly speculative market. Next up I will review a segway piece from JLA, and then we will talk about a highly underrated yet extremely fun line which will be revealed on my own terms! hahaha! I probably stated it before so everyone knows what's coming, yes? I hope you enjoy my reviews as much as I love writing them. I try to be succinct as possible because I don't like to ruin surprises, and each figure has its own mixed bag of surprises. This is why after 20 years I have not yet quit collecting Batmen.

Any questions, thoughts and comments are always highly appreciated.

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