Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Manta Ray Batman

Manta Ray Batman

Manta Ray Batman is a cool figure with lots of cool features. He's a water type (lol) Batman and not too different from Batman Returns' Deep Dive Batman who shall be reviewed later. Both have the water sled thing and calf flippers, but this figure has a plastic cape and a built in pop-up breather that can be activated when the button on the back is pushed.

I love the colors on this figure! And boy this figure is very detailed! Probably one of the nicest sculpts out of the entire line.

As I said before this figure has a lot of accessories, always a plus in my book. The sled has a harpoon spring loaded missile.

The sled is pretty cool and is nicely detailed with lights at the front and a computer screen up top. I do not know whether this sled actually helps Batman float on the water like Deep Dive Batman's sled did. I'll have to try that sometime...

I think this is a really cool figure, very common, kind of a shelf warmer like most aqua based Batmen but fun regardless. The sculpt is very detailed, the colors are nice... Good figure all around, and not as ridiculous as the ones we're about to talk about.

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