Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Attack Wing Batman

Attack Wing Batman

One of the most interesting Batman figures EVER. This figure's bat cape...I have quite a story to tell, but first the review...

Figure's accessory, that giant cape IS ARTICULATED. While this may be useless in this format (yes there are figures out there with newer modernized articulated capes, don't get me into this discussion I can talk for aaa...eeehgh...), it's a pretty cool feature. I don't consider it a cape. It's more of a backpack. Wires underneath the cape's sides are malleable and allow you to move the cape in different ways and to serve different functions like wings, shields, or this:

He's not called Attack Wing Batman for nothing. Just imagine Batman creeping up at night and capturing you with his giant magic bat cape. Hideous.

Figure comes with bendable cape, one pair of suction cups and one set of hooks. Suction cups are used for glass, and hooks for some sort of string. The fact that both choices are given is awesome, and both the hooks and the suction cups have cool molds on them. As for the figure itself, he's kind of "meh" in those lavender colors. He's a lot darker in real life, sorry for the flash. Still a cool sculpt. I was watching a prototype of this sculpt on ebay a few days back and I don't know what it ended costing. I got this in X-Mas of '96 as we Venezuelans get our Batmen late. It was amazing. I loved it, but see, I put it to good use...

We used to live on the mountains, an suburb of Caracas where we got all sorts of wildlife, bats being one of them. BATS WERE ATTRACTED BY THIS BEING ATTACHED TO THE WINDOWS. Bats found my apartment as a popular hangout and even NESTED under the roof. This is not cool as bats are known to be carriers of rabies so I tossed this figure elsewhere. But it was cool to watch all the bats come out at night and follow this figure on the window. The Bat is my spirit animal too and this probably aided in that realization. Anyhow this figure is uncommon, but very cool in my opinion. If anything, it's underrated, even by me, but if you live near a bat cave, well, you know what to do!

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