Sunday, October 26, 2014

Night Flight Batman

Night Flight Batman

Another figure whose gimmick is its action flightpack and useless weapon, this is my favorite figure of the line and I'll tell you why.

Let's do a breakdown of this figure part by part: The Backpack. Copper colored, highly detailed though it could use some paint apps. The swing down helmet has teeth and an overall bat appearance. Swing the wings back and lock them down with a weak link. Swing back the helmet OVER the wings.

Pull down the lever and voila!...

Wings fold back up and helmet automatically swings forth like in the first picture turning Batman into a real bat. It's hard to tell which figure is battier: this one or Wing Attack Batman and its real life Bat attractor.

That's what it looks like inside. The shortfalls of this figure are the following: no real cape, weapon is just a weird looking saw thing he can only hold on his right hand and the lever from the backpack slides down ON ITS OWN, so if you have figures standing behind him WATCH OUT! He will ruin your display, so just display him with the wings up!

Reasons why I love this figure: The colors. Yes, dull copper goes well with Batman as most bats have brownish to grey to black hair. If Batman wasn't gonna be grey and blue or all black, this is the color I would have painted him on. It makes him look like Nite-Owl of Watchmen fame.

Yes the backpack is lame, but it's also got a cool sculpt and it looks like a drone bat, even better looking than the LoTDK Bat Attack Batman's drone Bat, though not as superior (this figure was made 2 years before).

Final reason why this is my favorite figure? The sonar suit is accurate. It's even more accurate than the Batman Robin Guardians of Gotham City 2 pack figure! See the GoGC Batman's gauntlets are still spiky whereas in the movie they should be conjoined like this figure has them! Everything about this figure is correct concerning the sonar suit. Yes I'm obsessed about the damn sonar suit. Luckily we got two more figures that are just like this one but with small adjustments. Had this figure been featured in the GoGC 2 pack with Skyboard Robin with a Batman Returns Robin cape we'd have a highly accurate 2 pack! But more on that later...

Looks good with the other dude's cape, doesn't he? I feel like a custom coming...

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