Thursday, October 23, 2014

Batarang Batman

Batarang Batman

Another inevitably strange figure, this figure has the longest weapon of any Batman figure.

That giant weapon is a three part giant batarang, a rod, the gun and a radar scope. They all spin when the thumbnail on the picture's back is moved. As you shall see in pictures below, the pieces can be interchanged!

This is when they introduced the sonar suit version of the Batsuit, though this particular mold is very unique and different from the rest of the series. Sonar suit batsuit is highlighted by the large pseudo-stamped bat emblem on the suit's chest. While this is a heavy armored version, it's still pretty cool. Also introduced in this line were the trans clear armor bits that let bits of light shine through. This figure's clear parts aren't large, but they are green, contrasting with the rest of the outfit. The limbs of this figure were actually molded in that light green so if one were to strip the purple and black paint off you'd be left with clear green limbs. Let's...not try that out. As you can see the figure's radar can attach to his shoulder, where a peg connects allowing the giant batarang to spin around. This line also used a lot of plastic capes with some exceptions which we shall talk about later.

As you can see the radar weapon can be placed on the front. So what is this now? a metal detector? A Riddle detector?

Giant batarang can be attached on figure's shoulder or on side of weapon.

Not one of my favorites, but I'm not saying it's not a nice figure because it is. It's just that the oversized accessory makes it hard for him to display with the other figures. Luckily this line isn't very big and they all fit snug on the bookcase as you shall see when we're through with Batman Forever. I remember I used to use the batarang more as a REAL batarang than a weapon for this figure, but thankfully I didn't lose it like I lost Batmissile Batmobile's spoilers...but that is a story for another day!

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