Monday, June 20, 2016

Barbie Collector Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice Batman Doll

BvS Barbie Collector Batman

Today we have a guest review by Rob_Charb! He brings us an in-depth look at this AWESOME Batman figure by Mattel! Take it away Charb!

Alongside the usual slew of kiddie and “adult collector” lines put out by Mattel for the Batman v Superman tie-in line, they also released three more unique figures; a Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman in their Barbie line of figures. These were released under their Black Label series and are definitely not your typical Barbie. Today we’ll be looking at the Batman figure.

The figures features a full cloth outfit with soft rubber for the gauntlets, boots and cowl. The cowl is removable and underneath is a passable Ben Affleck likeness. I’m not too sure the mask will hold up to being removed multiple times though and can be a pain to align properly when putting it back on. The suit itself is surprisingly good looking. It fits the body underneath very snugly, but does not restrict most movement. There is wonderful shading all over the suit and the sculpted muscles underneath show up nicely. The gauntlets have a tendency to ride up on the arms, but slide right back down again.

There is wonderful detailing throughout the figure, including sculpted scratches on the bat-emblem and the pattern on the suit. The cowl is a bit poofy due to the removable nature of it, but looks better in person.

The utility belt also features wonderful details, including knicks and scratches and a pitted look to the surface. The gold paint used is very nice, not too shiny and not too dull and is also used on the scallops on the gloves and the toes of the boots.

The cape is absolutely huge and features different textures on the outside and inside. The outside looks almost leathery while the inside a more cloth-like material. It hangs beautifully on the figure and be draped either over the shoulders and covering the front of the figure or folded back behind the shoulders. It’s comes down past his feet to pool around them and instead of the usual even scalloping has a more ragged and torn look to the bottom.

The back of the figure looks just as great, aside from the splits in the boots.

He comes with only one accessory, a batarang, and it looks really nice. It’s made of a soft rubbery material but holds its shape well and fits nicely in the right hand.

For a figure released under the Barbie line, Batman is surprisingly well articulated. He has just about every joint you’d find on a Marvel Legends figure, including swivel-hinge writs and ankle tilt. The only areas where the articulation is limited are the ankles due to the boots and the hips. The hips have wonderful forward motion and decent backwards motion, but are limited in the lateral movement. They feel like they pop off the joint, but will pop right back on by themselves if you move the leg back down. Aside from those two limitations, the poseability is fantastic. He puts the 6” Movie Masters to shame.

Somewhat soft head sculpt and puffy mask aside, he even looks good next to the ultimate in 1/6 th scale figures, and is nowhere near as fragile or worrisome to pose. For a roughly $45 dollar figure, you can’t go wrong adding this truly amazing Batman to your collection.

Thanks again to Rob_Charb for this review! I want to get this figure sooo baaad! But I don't collect anything over 7 inches tall...At least not usually. Still it looks like a really great figure!

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