Tuesday, July 19, 2016

DC Universe Infinite Heroes Crisis Catwoman Selina Kyle

DCU Infinite Heroes Catwoman

Catwoman is one of the more expensive Infinite Heroes figures. She was available with Killer Croc, two SWAT officers, Batman and Clayf...I mean Jason Todd Hush. Gotham City Patrol is the pack's name, I believe.

Catwoman here is featured in her Darwyn Cooke, modern look. She uses the same standard body all female DC Infinite Heroes figures use. She looks really nice...buuuuut...

Is it just me or do I find the V-crotch shape in female action figures kind of sexist? They don't articulate well. Female action figures as of the making of this figure have gone past this particular technology. She doesn't have any meaningful articulation that allows us to show her acrobatic prowess. She's a cool figure but for such a special 6 pack, she deserved so much better. We would not get a super articulated Catwoman figure until Microman made them, and after that, until Mattel gave us Movie Master TDKR figures. This was as good as it got at that time. Could be worse. You could be stuck in an Infinite Heroes world without her...

She was essential to the Hush storyline. Speaking of essential figures...where's Mr. Freeze in this line? Or Batgirl? Or Cassie Cain? I know Mattel wanted to produce all sorts of DCU figures, but I'm a biased denizens of Gotham City fan, and I wish we had gotten Clayface, Freeze and the original Batgirl in this line. Can't have perfection! This line gave us a gigantic diversity of figures, which can still be found at cheap prices. Catwoman is more expensive, and despite her misgivings, if you're a IH fan, this is a figure you need to get, otherwise your Gotham City will feel rather...incomplete.

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