Friday, July 29, 2016

DC Comics Multiverse Suicide Squad Harley Quinn

Multiverse Suicide Squad Harley Quinn

Suicide Squad is going to be memorable because it's gonna be Harley Quinn's live action debut. She is arguably one of DC's most popular characters. She has been very popular since her inception in Batman: The Animated Series. Every time she was on screen it was nothing but gold. She eventually crossed over to the comics, and while she was watered down during the 90's so she could keep her relevance in the Animated Series (every single episode she was in was GOLD), she got her own title eventually. I think Margot Robbie is the perfect choice to play her, and while I'm not one of Harley's biggest fans (don't kill me plz), I cannot wait to see her!

There will be three Harley Quinn figures. The jacket-less version is the mainstream one. The one wearing a jacket is exclusive to Toys R Us, and the "club" version will be available through Amazon...aaaand I should preorder mine. Her tattoos show she is obsessed with "puddin", whatever that means *wink*, and her leg tattoos are written upside down. Daddy's little monster is hilarious already. Oh, and she comes with Croc's leg, which means the other two Harleys will have upper body parts for Croc.

*chk chk BOOM*. Harley also comes with a bat that says "good night". I think that is quite appropriate.

She has great articulation and she can stand even though she has high heels. I love this figure so much. Other companies are probably going to make better figures, I love her already. Her face sculpt is better than Wonder Woman's...This is a company that makes BARBIE dolls! They should know better. Harley looks kind of generic, and while a lot of details get lost in the molding process, SDCC already showed us better figures for the same price that probably have more articulation and have better paint. I'm not saying Daddy's Little Monster sucks, I'm just saying that Multiverse figures are not worth $20. None of them are worth $20. These are worth $15 AT MOST. So please, Mattel, if you're listening, we love your consistency, but we do not love your prices. If they were cheaper by $5 they would be flying off the shelves.

Whatever. You know what? This is Harley Quinn. Everyone loves her...except me. But I love this figure, and I love Margot Robbie. One. More. Week. I also like puddin'. Wanna see puddin'?

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