Monday, July 25, 2016

DC Comics Toys R' Us Exclusive Multiverse Batman vs Superman Batman Unmasked

DC Multiverse BvS Batman Unmasked

Batman Unmasked was available as a Toys R' Us exclusive. I was very lucky to find this. It was the only one I ever saw. I never saw Superman, so when we do the review for the Bat-grapple gun replica, the addendum will not be looked at, unfortunately.

If anything, we should feel lucky that this figure was made available, as well as the addendum part of the grapple launching which can be placed on the grapple gun.

I was wondering if we were ever going to get an unmasked Batman figure. If you've been reading my reviews, I hold Bruce-To-Batmen figures with snap-on armor or other similar figures in high regard. This is as good as it's going to get. Nowhere as interesting as the SDCC The Dark Knight Bruce Wayne to Batman exclusive from 2013. Also, Bruce Wayne looks like Casey Affleck...he's supposed to look like Ben Affleck. But hey, it's something.

Some will say this figure's mask looks goofy. I sort of like it. Brings me back to the days of plastic or rubber bat cowls one can place on the figure. Remember my review of the first BvS Batman and how lackluster it was? This figure fixes all of that. The costume is darker and less shiny, the gold highlights on his knuckles, boots and scallops show off better, and the cape is a different mold, which is more "flowy" if you get what I mean. The mask is made of a durable rubber, unlike the rubber parts used on the Nolan series figures, so hopefully it will last forever.

"In the dream...they took me to the light. A beautiful lie..."

I prefer this figure over the first one, despite them being identical except for the items I pointed out above. This is going to be my default BvS Batman from now on. But I reiterate, the mold is not the best BvS Batman mold possible.

I think this is a worthwhile exclusive to get because this is the only Bruce Wayne figure in the entire line. The exclusive attachment for the grapple gun is definitely an extra. The figure is not without its drawbacks. I don't like how the cowl doesn't close perfectly behind the head but oh well. I'm willing to overlook that. Recommended!

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