Thursday, July 28, 2016

DC Comics Direct Designer Series Greg Capullo Year Zero Batman

DC Direct Greg Capullo Year Zero Batman

I admit once more I haven't red much of Capullo's run or Zero Year. I hear it's a great book. I love the Capullo figures, and I love the aesthetic and art of Capullo. I love all of the Designer series, and I love DC Direct, but I am faced with tons and tons of problems regarding quality and quality control. I love how nice their white packages are, and how they are MISB collector friendly. Sadly, this is where my problems began.

This figure looks better in terms of proportions compared to the Mattel Multiverse one. I feel like the Mattel figures have long torsos and short legs. As usual, DC Direct's proportions are spot on. The details are spot on. The figure comes with more accessories than the Mattel one. They did cost me about the same though, and while I appreciate all the things this figure has over the Mattel one, there were some quality control issues with mine we need to look over. But let's finish taking a look at the figure.

Figure comes with one extra right hand which he can use to hold his grapple gun (I hope it's a grapple gun), and two batarangs. I have basically thrown the right punch hand out. I love this Zero Year aesthetic, it is reminiscent of the first Batman publications, and they sort of are a homage of the early 40's Batman, right down to the gun and purple gloves.

I find it nice that like the Mattel one, the figure can hold a mean pose and holster the gun.

We've discussed the nice things about the figure. Remember my comment on how this line was MISB collector friendly? Taking the figure out of the package was nearly impossible, and the cape was torn on the sides and from the base. I declined to take a picture of it because it looks really bad and I know more patient collectors will cut the plastic insert carefully. I pulled it down REALLY slowly. Not a good idea. Also, the arms and legs were impossible to move, so I used the warm water trick to loosen them up. Doing this left his legs really loose and he has problems standing up... the water treatment DID NOT correct the eternal ab crunch this figure is forever stuck in. I am afraid to break it if I move it harder. It's stuck as if it had been super-glued in that position...So what's the point of having an ab-crunch joint now? The Mattel one is more fun to pla with despite that whole "for the adult collector" BS Mattel likes to put on top of their figures now. The Mattel figures are super durable, and these...are not.

Who wore it better? You decide! I think they both have pros and cons, but I just got the short stick and my DC Direct Zero Year Batman is faulty. I have other DC Direct figures and uh...well...they aren't for the loose collector, which is a shame. They are changing that now, and I've been seeing figures with better quality that I am not afraid to break...except I'm still afraid to break them. Nobody should have to be able to break a Batman figure!!!!

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