Saturday, July 30, 2016

DC Direct New 52 Suicide Squad Deadshot

DCD new 52 Deadshot

The new 52 Suicide Squad figures are a part of this DC direct bunch of figures all fitting certain brackets: Super Villains, New 52, etc... I love the packages for these figures, but the Suicide Squad ones are especially cool as they got three bullet holes, possibly made by Deadshot. The line is comprised so far of Harley Quinn, Captain Boomerang and Deadshot!

I don't know how ANYONE can fit into this costume, but ok. It looks extremely uncomfortable. Reminds me of a certain movie. Figure comes only with a rifle.

I love how well detailed this figure is. Typical DCD quality level detail. The colors are awesome. The rifle is my favorite thing, as I'm going to let other Deadshot figures use it! I wish his left hand was open though. Guess Deadshot is a leftie like me.

Mattel's Suicide Squad Deadshot figure has better articulation than this. Deadshot has plenty of articulation, but he has no rotational thighs or arms. Mine has this issue where the right leg can never stand parallel with the other as it leans slightly to the right. It's annoying. But hey, for the level of detail plus the included rifle, that isn't really a problem.

DCD always has the best detailed figures, at the expense of articulation. Deadshot's costume though...anyone wearing that is choking inside...Is Deadshot choking due to some actual emotional problem? Read New 52 Suicide Squad and find out!

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