Thursday, July 28, 2016

DC Comics Multiverse Batman: Endgame The Joker

Multiverse Endgame The Joker

One of the scarier iterations of The Joker. Last I heard from The Joker he had peeled his face off, got it back and then became three people, one who is rumored to be a brother to Bruce Wayne...I am glad that Mattel did this Joker because the DCD New 52 figures sorely lack enemies, as DCD has focused leaving the Rogues' Gallery to the Arkham Game series figures, which are all fantastic, by the way, and we will eventually look into those.

Joker comes with one of the Justice Buster's arms, which as you can see I had already attached to the body as of the taking of this picture. It was my third Justice Buster piece and I was naturally excited. We will look at the Justice Buster figure next.

Normally the Joker wears purple. Now he wears all sorts of stuff. He is a master of disguise but up until now we've only gotten figures of The Joker in his classic costumes...for the most part. There's Kenner's Jetpack Joker, Pogo Stick Joker, the 2004 Mattel Acid something Joker, etc. Now, if you've been following this blog, you already know I've barely read anything New 52. I'm late to the party, I know, and Mr. J would be disappointed.

The problem with the Multiverse line is that it is severely lacking in accessories, especially when the figures cost $20 a pop...and never mind the Build a figure parts that have us all mindlessly hooked on Mattel's figures. Joker here at least comes with his rotting face. I don't know where he got the face he is currently wearing or what's going on, but it's terrifying. This figure earns the whole "adult collector" label put forth by Mattel on the top of the package. Some collectors have complained about Joker's hand, and I sort of agree. I wish both his hands were neutral, but then I wouldn't be able to terrify Batgirl...properly...

I mean, does she really want to know where he got all those scars? And WHAT IS THAT SMELL?

Joker has all the POA expected of any Multiverse figure, which is always awesome. I love how terrifying this figure is, and how it complements the New 52 Bat family well. I need to read Endgame and Death of the Family ASAP. Shame on me for not having done so in the last two years!!!!

More than one has to settle a score with Joker. Wish Alfred was here to do what he does in his fondest dreams... Anyways, Joker, along with the first BvS Multiverse companion figures are getting harder to find, and if you haven't been able to get your Justice Buster parts, you may be in for a loss! And no, you can't have mine!! WOAHAHAHAH!

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