Thursday, July 28, 2016

DC Comics Multiverse Collect & Connect Justice Buster

C&C Multiverse Justice Buster

This took me a while to collect. Fortunately I started with the harder to find figure, which was CW's Reverse Flash. I've only reviewed Zero Year Batman and Joker. The rest, I must say, are awesome figures and a welcome addition to my collection. I am an avid fan of The Flash, and I am very happy to have my first Flash and Reverse-Flash figures in my collection. I didn't know there was a black Superman 'till he showed up. I'm very happy with it though. The figure exudes this sort of power (as any Superman figure would), and while he is from a different universe, this is the Multiverse! Who says Superman can't be black? I haven't read his story (yet), but I definitely will. (update). NO WONDER I KEPT CALLING HIM SUPERBAMA (not because he's black but because his headsculpt and skin tone was very reminiscent of a certain somebody!)! In Earth 2, Calvin Ellis is President of the USA AND Superman! I love President Obama, and I love having an alternate version of him that also happens to be Superman in my collection. I'm glad Mattel released this figure. Anyways, onto the Justice Buster!

My first Connect figure was Bane from 2010-2011. That is an amazing figure. Well built, well detailed and well articulated. The Justice Buster was apparently worth more than 60% of the world's Military expenditure's, and Batman is using it to take down the Justice League. This isn't just some generic robot. This is what he uses to put his friends down when they are Starro'd, Brainiac'd, Witched and more. Even The Atom helped him build it. I can't help but see a certain familiarity with a certain Aquaman villain...Must be just me.

This figure is worth every penny. It's extremely well detailed, it is HUGE, it is well articulated...I love it!

Fans everywhere have been decrying this figure..."Why the Justice Buster?" WHY NOT! What else could you ask Mattel for? This figure is awesome! Wait 'till it's complete in your hands, and you'll see! Even if you don't care about the figures it came with, this is...This is AWESOME! So STFU!


I've always been a fan of Batman's suits/costumes/suits of armor. I have the Proto Bat-Bot from The Brave and The Bold. Amazing figure. Every time Batman has a BOT, I have to find it. No such luck with Mattel's Batman to Batbot European exclusive...but this figure is not gonna be easy to find due to the divisiveness of the line. I liked all the figures except for Green Arrow. Not the best figure as he comes sort of "posed". If you have it, you'll know what I mean. Aaaanyways, Suicide Squad premieres this week...Oh boy. Suicide Squad, here we gooooo!!

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