Thursday, September 11, 2014

Total Justice Batman

Total Justice Batman

Hello true believers! I'm back! Did you miss me? Oh wait, last post was...YESTERDAY! It feels like forever though, but that is because today I will review a totally different line! Total Justice by Kenner was the second time since Super Powers that Kenner (slowly becoming Hasbro by this point) tried making all new comic style superheroes! Man this was a cool lookin' line, except for repeating the same mistakes done in legends: Super posed figures. But these figures had so much personality and detail! They were almost scary. Now, technically TJ was a Batman line with packages all having the Batman logo on top of them. In other words, Batman here is leader of the Justice League. The story said that Batman had developed weapons with martian technology to combat a phantom menace (Darkseid). The line lasted 3 waves, the fourth one staying unreleased. Some figures were later used for the Justice League of America line which featured re-issues and repaints along with some new molds. I will only focus on Batman family figures: Batman, Robin, Fractal Armor Batman and Huntress, who in this point in time was indeed a member of the Bat-family, 'till she proved an irredeemable killer.

You may have noticed the first flaw of the figure: heavily posed. Otherwise this is a very nice figure, and I'm an absolute sucker for snap on armor! The armor is nicely detailed and it has an alien feel to it. Armor consists of 2 leg parts, chest plate, two detachable rockets that pivot 360 degrees and helmet. Take them off and they reveal an interesting and buff Batman figure with loads of personality. I actually like the pose on this figure, and unlike the LoB figures, this one can stand easily.

This is where things get funkay! The cape is a two part cape which rotates around an axle and goes up and down the figure's back. This is kind of odd and unsightly in my opinion. This feature was never repeated again, but it is interesting and unique. You can pose the cape on flight mode or in all sorts of different poses.

Overall a cool figure. Most figures in this line have some sort of snap on armor which is really cool. This figure got repainted or kit bashed several times: JLA holo Batman, Batman (black version), Batman (blue version), Batman Hero collection #2 and forgive me if I don't remember any more.

"I'm Batman!"

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