Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Neural Claw Batman

Neural Claw Batman

With Neural Suit powers that allow him to fly through the skies over Gotham City, Neural Claw Batman searches out the most horrific villains, and finds them at every turn. These evildoers are huge and deadly, but are still no match for the capture grip cape and massive razor claws that instantaneously emerge from his suit, attacking in battle or grasping onto ledges to halt Batman's descent.

THE BAT HANDS FROM HELL! No seriously this figure is awesomely scary. Those hands, man! Holy hell!

This is seriously the scariest Batman figure there ever was. If you haven't figured out, the cape and claws are the figure's gimmick.

As you can see he can move the cape in many different ways to catch down evil criminals. The capes can be used as shields, claws, flight gear and a huge parasol.

The huge nightmare arms can be attached to the figure's arms for melee skirmishes.

That's what it looks like from the back. The capes are VERY detailed, as is the rest of the figure. Very nice.

This is a very fun figure, but not for hardcore collectors, unless you're a variant crazy completist like me.

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