Thursday, September 4, 2014

Ultra Armor Batman

Ultra Armor Batman

For a more detailed review, see Knightsend Batman. Otherwise I'm just gonna concentrate on the differences.

As you can see, this IS the definite version of the costume Jean Paul Valley used to get his arse kicked by the real Batman. Oooh I should have taken a picture with Crusader Batman...maybe some other time. Speaking of which, he comes with a repainted version of Crusader Batman's launcher. Everyone draws Azrael's Batman armor differently, and this is closer to what Knightsend should have been. When he became Batman later in the 2000's and uhm...died, he had an armor more closely resembling his red Azrael armor, all red and gold with a blue helmet.

Would have been nice if at least he had kept the Batsymbol on, but that's right! He's NOT THE Batman. If anyone wants to discuss what makes Bruce THE BATMAN, feel free to comment below. I'm on the school that neither Terry, nor Dick, nor Azrael, nor anyone who wants to be Batman can REALLY BE THE Batman. I view them only as temporary or perhaps permanent replacements, but as far as I'm concerned only Clark Kent is Superman and Bruce Wayne is Batman.

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