Wednesday, September 3, 2014

First Mate Robin

First Mate Robin

So I want to amend the Nightwing post, where I said that when Robin is concerned, that was it. Well, that was false...sort of. This line had two Robins, First Mate and Crusader Robins, both portrayed by red-haired fellas. First Mate Robin comes clad in pirate clothes down to the earring.

It's a rather nice figure. I think the white shirt looks good under the red vest.

He comes with a long sword and a huge hand held cannon with a cannonball missile. Sheesh. This is not a Robin you wanna mess with.

The cape is soft rubber. Overall a pretty cool pirate themed figure.

The Pirates line was the final sub wave this line had in a final attempt to gain relevance in the face of competing Batman lines Batman Forever and The Adventures of Batman and Robin, which were also at their tail-ends. They were the best of the best, in my opinion. Once '97 hit, Batman figures took a sort of...different tone.

Not today evildoers! Whatever happened to Pirate Bat-man? He's...he died. In lieu of his death, Buccaneer Batman ended up ending his days in a drunken stupor after being taken in by the East India Company, but First Mate Robin found luck as a silversmith and secretly trained wayward youths in matters of crime-fighting, believing that one has to take life by the cannonballs to fix all the wrongs in the world.

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