Sunday, September 14, 2014

The Huntress

The Huntress

Helena Bertinelli at the time of this figure's release WAS part of the Bat-family, which is why I am including her. Batman could not reconcile with her killer ways and she got booted...or something like that. Now, this was THE ONLY FEMALE FIGURE IN TOTAL JUSTICE! Why? Because Wonder Woman didn't make the cut as she was supposed to have been released in wave 4 or further in the line. Sales for this line were bad despite how nice it really was, so she ended up in the Justice League of America line.

This is also the only figure of The Huntress I own. I think she's pretty nice and comes with character appropriate weapons: One small crossbow likely a repaint of animated Poison Ivy's crossbow, and a BIG ASS techno-crossbow that when missile is fired, the wings move forward like a real crossbow. She's got good details and is accurate to her comic book counterpart.

Her cape is very hard to remove so don't ask.

That's it for Total Justice. I actually have a wave four Green Lantern vs. Dr. Polaris from the DC Super Heroes line. I say wave four because that GL variant was meant to be released THEN, but by then the line was unfortunately cancelled resulting in one of the most painful unreleased toys from that epoch because they were going to be the best ones. Speaking of DC SH, that's what we'll be looking at next! Stay tuned!

Also, I'd like to take this time to ask for help. If anyone wants to do a guest review of a figure I don't have (mostly modern figures, Hot Toys, Mafex Batman, Square Enix etc.), please let me know or send me a review and I'll post it giving you full credit! Also I'd like to ask for additional help finding weapons and figures I don't currently own or that I have lost over the years. For example, I am actually missing Combat Belt Batman's BELT! I have his black missile, but it's badly damaged. Thankfully I can borrow the missile from Rapid Attack Batman. I'm also missing things like Animated Robin's glider, Knight Star Batman's missile, etc. I'll post a list soon. If you have those parts and want to lend/sell to me, let me know. Also, does anyone have a Piranha Blade Batman complete? Anyone wanna do a guest review of that when the time comes? Stay tuned!

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