Sunday, September 7, 2014

The Joker

The Joker

I've never been a fan of this figure's face. Seems like he's missing something...Or maybe he just doesn't look like The Joker. So what I did, sort of inspired by The Dark Knight's The Joker was that I simply gave him more makeup.

"MAKE UP?!?! JOKER NEEDS NO STINKIN' MAKEUP!"-The Joker as seen on The Batman.

Much better.

Being the worst of the worst means you need to look the part. He comes with that weird mouth weapon, and a bang! gun. I think they are Joker appropriate accessories, even if the mouth is somewhat oversized.

"Let's put a SMILE ON THAT FACE!"

It's a good figure, honestly, but not the best villain in the line. That goes to Catwoman! Or Pirate Two-Face despite how bizarre he is. Laughing Man Joker has a better face sculpt, though sometimes he looks like a creepy old lady. This Joker's face is...I dunno. Something about it just feels un-Jokerish. Thankfully Micron pens allowed me to fix that. Anywho, reviews for this line are ALMOST done!

"Awww he DOES think of me! Sending me his sharp clawed buddeay! What a nice gift. Too bad I always break my toys! WOAHAHAHAHAH!!"

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