Thursday, September 11, 2014

The Batmobile

The Batmobile

This is one of my all time favorite Batmobiles. It's underrated in so many ways, but damn this thing is sleek, futuristic and sexy.

The spoilers are HUUUUGE! Now one of the things that annoys me about this car is the decals because for some reason they peel off easily...much more so than with other bat-vehicles. Maybe mine were just humid. I did get it wayyy past its time of release, in the late 2000's. The colors are very nice too, done is a cloud grey shade. The low cockpit is also nice.

The interior of the cockpit is HUUUUGE! But it does not accomodate Knightsend Batman. You're better off using Crusader Batman or...anything else, really. THIS is why posed Batman figures are such a pain.

The only non grey part of the vehicle is this red missile, which shoots quite far.

I probably should have pictured this with Crusader Batman, but by the time of this photoshoot, Crusader Batman was taken upstairs already and KS Batman was still here. Lazy? Absolutely. ALSO, this vehicle strangely has a repaint in Knight Force Ninjas which happens to be a horrible lime green. What were they thinking? Stick around and you'll find out!

That's all folks! For Legends of Batman, that is. Next line is going to be a bit of a transitional sequence: Total Justice, the few Batman figures that came out in the Kenner Man of Steel Line, DC Superheroes which were 6in. tall, and then we will segway into Legends of the Dark Knight which is composed of fewer figures that are almost 7in. tall! Do I have any final thoughts about Legends of Batman? Why, thanks for asking! This is one of my favorite lines, but it is also the most flawed of all because of the hard to stand posed figures. These are a dime a dozen on secondary markets, and I think they're well worth it. It's sad so many fans are forgetting about that which came before, and this line is underrated in that fashion. I'll just get this out of the way. This line is better than Legends of The Dark Knight and Knight Force Ninjas which will be reviewed in the coming days. Also, if there is a particular figure you want reviewed, please do post a message or send me an email. Maybe you want me to review a different line next? Who knows. So thanks for watching me and please recommend me to all your friends. 'till next time!

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