Saturday, September 27, 2014

Underwater Assault Batman

Underwater Assault Batman

Wave 3's cardbacks had the following intro:

In a twisted parallel Gotham City where the criminals are unimaginably deadly and in total control, Batman and Robin learned to enhance their Neural Suit technology. This technology tapped into their thoughts and impulses, automatically reacting to danger, making them living, breathing weapons. Now they have taken the technology one step further: Responsive Camouflage reacts to the Dynamic Duo's specific environment, adapting to the elements and their surroundings. The result: Batman and Robin gain the edge over Gotham City's most hideous villains as their quest for justice rages on to become Legends of the Dark Knight!

An army of demolition experts has taken control of Gotham Harbor, threatening to destroy it if their demands are not met. In order to meet to the challenge, Batman’s Responsive Camouflage technology reacts to convert his Neural Suit into a manta cape that doubles as a water sled. Now Batman speeds below the surface as an underwater warrior wielding a massive sea claw in his hand, ready to undo whatever horrific dangers may surface!

Now this is a very nice sculpt. I mean it reminds me of The Little Mermaid with its overly maritime camo outfit, but it sure is a nice sculpt with amazing colors.

I am not a big fan of this figure, but he is very nice now that I get to look at him up close. I love his manta ray shaped cape/sufboard/scuba thingy. He also comes with a claw weapon that is kind of useless in my opinion.

This figure has a ton of playability, too! Detach the manta ray from the back, and the claw weapon can peg on it. It serves as a nice manta ray drone.

This figure is just all sorts of barnacle laden fun. He has a fin on his back which is where the manta ray backpack goes. Unfortunately the manta ray can't hold the claw in this position so instead he has to hold it with either hand.

Furthermore, the manta ray can act like one of those scuba things (pardon my ignorance on the subject!) that are motorized that are used by scuba divers sometimes. Strikes me odd that this is the only Aqua based Batman that doesn't have a clear breathing apparatus... Maybe the neural suit thing gives him gills...?

He can also stand on it so it serves as a surfboard! Anywho this is probably the most fun figure of this line, especially if you're a kid who likes playing in the I do. Er...did. 'coz I don't do that anymore. It's silly right? yes? I love it how almost all Batman lines has a water based figure. It can be said that Legends of Batman was the only big line that did not feature some sort of water based Batman figure! It's a great, underrated figure with an excellent yet strange sculpt. It has tons of personality and the details on the costume are incredible. One of the best from LoTDK.

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