Sunday, September 14, 2014

Fractal Armor Batman

Fractal Armor Batman

It can be argued that this line was entirely made up from original figures and no variant. What defines a variant? A variant is a figure of the original character that comes in a different non inspired comic book sources. The reason why Batman figures have so many variants is because it's plausible for Batman to have more than just his normal costume, even when they sometimes come in weird and wild colors. Ironman can have variants because well, he's Ironman. Superman can come in Superman blue or red or in that weird black outfit from Death of Superman, etc. Fractal Batman IS THE ONLY VARIANT in this line, despite the whole Martian fractal tech-gear storyline. If there was gonna be one variant in this line, it had to be Batmaan.

This is a nice figure, with lots of detail, nice colors, etc. The pose is silly but at least he can stand up without much trouble. They are rather easy to find, too.

He can he can hold his weapon either on his hand or on his shoulder holster, which is part of the helmet/visor and cape. Very unique and cool if you ask me.

Overall, I think this is a nice complementary figure for the line, BUT WAIT! There's MORE!

WB stores had their own exclusive line of Total Justice figures called DC Super Heroes! They were all repaints, and luckily I have Fractal Armor Batman's repaint. I didn't wanna open him up because DANG that is some nice art on the packaging! There's specs on his back and everything. Now, I have to say the following as an addendum to this and other TJ reviews: None of the figures in my TJ collection ever came in package. I bought them loose at some point last year so to me these are pretty new. The packaging came with specs on the back and a little story. I also found out that there was a comic book series designed to sell the toys, which I also hear it sucked despite the nice artwork. Next up: THE HUNTRESS!

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