Friday, September 5, 2014

Dark Rider Batman

Dark Rider Batman

Gosh I love this figure. No collector card, no package, but if you do manage to look it up, the packaging art is pretty dang sweet and it'd be unfair if I didn't mention it. This is Zorro Batman #2. I don't remember if the box had a bio or something.

The figure itself is very nice. He comes in a sort of Union Uniform with a sword and a whip. Oh, and I may have forgotten to mention this with Power Guardian Batman, but neither this figure nor the aforementioned one have white eyes! They have real eyes! I think that's nice touch. I like to think that they are one and the same character. He comes in a silly crouched position so he can sit on the horse, but what are you gonna do... On his back he's got a level that lifts up and down the right arm for whipping of slashing action...*giggle* whipping. The cape is molded in such a way that it looks like it's swooshing in the wind while allowing you to reach the lever.

The horse I refer to fondly at "Bat-Nado" in honor of Zorro's horse Tornado. This is a beautiful horse. Hollow, light, but never cheap. It's got a lot of personality. The saddle has a Bat shape on, and he can actually rear on his back legs using the tail as a tripod. Batman can either hang on to the handles or to his weapons.

"I'm gomin' to getcha, Robert E. Lee!"

So when he's not chasing the ghost of Robert E. Lee or fighting corrupt riot inciters, he's just galloping around with the rest of the LoB, looking grand and mighty. This figure is surprisingly common, and I highly recommend it because watching Batman on a horse SCREAMS Dark Knight Strikes Back, and this is as good as it gets.

I really think this line is weird and AWESOME.

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