Sunday, September 21, 2014

Glacier Shield Batman

Glacier Shield Batman

In a Gotham City overcome by blinding snow and ice, Glacier Shield Batman's Neural Suit technology adapts the frozen environment by creating an impenetrable Ice Shard Cape and heavy bladed climbing spikes. During battle the massive cape rotates forward to deflect enemy assaults then lashes out with razor sharp ice edges to freeze villains in their tracks.

Another beautiful figure that would have worked well better with less gimmicks. This is what Killer Frost would look like if she were Batman.

Sorry for the picture overload. The figure's gimmick is the cape being able to move in all sorts of different directions as pictured above. I tend to think of it as the evolution or upgrade of Spline Cape Batman. The cape can be used as a shield mostly, but I guess he can stab opponents with it, too.

Like Scarecrow, he can only move his arms outwards due to the icebergs for shoulders he comes with, but his elbows are articulated so he can swing his arms out in an awkward fashion.

This is the weakest link of Series 2 of LoTDK. He's a grandiose sculpt, but as a figure he's severely lacking. The cape thing is annoying because they slide off his back a lot. Oh that's a picture I forgot to take. But anyways, it's a good looking figure with many flaws that could have been prevented.

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