Monday, September 15, 2014

DC Super Heroes Batman

DC Super Heroes Batman

I got this figure rather recently in a lot. They did not make it to where I used to live back in 1998. This line remains a mystery to me as I don't know if they were exclusives or what exactly the line entailed. From what I gather there was a Shazam, Superman, Superman blue and red and some wave 4 Total Justice characters such as Green Lantern Vs. Dr. Polaris. If anyone wants to shed light on that issue, be my guest. This review and the next two will focus on the Bat universe figures released for this line.

By the time I acquired this figure I can't say I was impressed. I got it for completist's sake. But I imagine that back then this figure might have been amazing since it had a bunch of points of articulation, an awesome pose, etc. I can't say he's not awesome. He really is the epitome of a classic Batman with the greys and the blues, but the posed figure doesn't make the articulation factor any better.

These figures aren't that hard to find. Oh yeah, they come with a base. I'm not sure if this is the correct base or Az-Bat's base. If anything the articulated posed figure is good for the following:

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