Friday, September 5, 2014

Desert Knight Batman

Desert Knight Batman

This figure wins dullest single figure of the line, despite it's deluxe status and it's shiny weapons. But see, the problem isn't the get-up, the storyline, or the weapons. It's the execution.

Coloring is similar to Power Guardian Batman except with purple and silver parts.

Don't get me wrong. It's a cool figure, it's just that for a Deluxe, it's kind of lame. Besides, he can only hold the swords. The staffs are useless and made of a very fragile plastic.

For some reason I've always had issues standing the figure up. Plastic capes aren't meant to be tripods, but it's the best possibility in this case. This is my least favorite figure out of the entire line, and it's funny because he's in a mostly neutral pose and can rotate his elbows although uncontrollably. Besides, when did Batman ever need two shiny scimitars and two weird fragile silver staffs? I guess the desert just has a buncha weird things waiting to be dug up. I think of Prince of Persia when I see this figure, and I can't say I enjoyed playing that game. Good thing it cost me $5. The silver Batman symbol is nothing but further laziness. Again, good concept as the dude can vanish in a sandcastle, but if he were to portray a real warrior from the time, he'd be wearing different clothes. This is too much Batman, too little action figure IMHO. He's only cool when you believe Batman's really gonna go like that ninja guy with the swords from Batman '89. LOL.

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