Thursday, September 11, 2014



I apologize for the day long absence. And I lied. This post is about Skybat. NEXT post is our final Legends of Batman entry: The Batmobile.

This is one odd vehicle. It's steampunk inspired, and it's a very fun, scary, menacing vehicle. It fires one missile on one of the wings, opens and closes chomping jaws which are activated by a lever on the side of the back, and wings move up and down.

The legs also move up and down and at the knee, and they can sort of grab onto stuff. Also, the cockpit is an open air cockpit, which for a flying vehicle is kind of odd. Better hope Batman has a helmet or aviator goggles when flying this thing. The cockpit also features a seatbelt for good measure.

Now, I think the cockpit is open and sort of wide to fit in all those posed leg Batmen this line is so famous for, which is something that doesn't always work well with the Batmobile, for example.

"It's chompin' time!"

I really like the aesthetics of this vehicle, and it's a welcome addition to the collection. It's very fun, sturdy and good for swooshing (swooshing is when a flying vehicle around...yeah). Next review is the final one: The Batmobile.

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