Sunday, September 14, 2014

Cyber Link Batman and Superman AND Mail away versions

Cyber Link Batman, Superman and Mail away Versions.

A few years before Total Justice, while Legends of Batman was out, Kenner released Man of Steel, which was about the man himself Superman. They also released a few 2-packs with some Legends of Batman figures such as Future Batman and Ultra Armor Batman, but then they did an unique 2 pack with two new molds of Superman and Batman. They did three versions of Cyber link Batman/Superman: The version I've got pictures, which came with a comic book (now lost), a variant that had more blues than anything else and came with collector cards (currently not in my possession), and a translucent variant of both figures that was a mail-away purchase. This review will focus on both the comic book version and the mail away version.

There's not much to say really, except that both figures can move their waist. They are posed and are very nicely detailed. The Translucent figures came in a period when shiny figures were replaced by figures with translucent features. I always thought that was super cool. When I review Batman Forever figures you'll see more about what I'm talkin' about. Also, when I get the blue versions of these figures I will update this post. Sorry for the sort of anti-climatic review hehe.

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