Thursday, September 25, 2014

Laughing Gas Joker

Laughing Gas Joker

The sinister Joker has never been so menacing! His highly specialized robotic armor gives him tremendous strength while doubling as a decoy suit that blows apart to reveal his true identity and a horrible punch line: dreadful laughing gas canisters set to put the citizens of Gotham City under his evil control. Wild, the incarnation of the Joker himself, is a disgustingly brutal imp, clever and sneaky, who amuses himself and his master with nasty pranks that are a constant threat to Batman!

The villains in this line don't cease to be awesome in this line! NEVER MIND HE CAN'T MOVE HIS LEGS! Doesn't matter, 'coz while he's just a huge McDonalds Happy Meal Toy, he's also the goddamn Joker...

THIS JOKER IS HUGE! He's buff, he's scary, kinda reminds me of The Dark Knight Strikes Back's Joker with the huge shoulders. No doubt this may be a homage. He comes with an oversize gun and a "buddy" who's actually a robotic bomb. The little fella is very cool, funny and scary at the same time. I love it. This may be the Panther and The Bat's worst enemy yet...See, this Joker is like Bat Attack Batman AND Panther Prowl Catwoman except for one thing...

"YOU KILLED CAPTAIN CLOWN!!! Never mind, who's up for laughing sardines? Tons of dead, laughing Gothamite sardines?"

Pressing the button on his butt will make his outer shell explode and reveal THE JOKER. As the description stated, the body was merely a robot...or a joke. A strong joke, mind you. The real deal is a skinny big headed clown holding onto a clock connected into clearly marked Smilex gas tanks. Sure he's kind of a McDonald's toy, but this one surely packs a punch, and let's not forget Batman Returns, McD and the freaked out parents...he he heee...

"Laughter is the best medicine to overdose on...haaaa hahahahahahaha!!!"

This is without a doubt the scariest Joker I own, not counting Heath Ledger's bazooka figure from the jail scene. It does feel kind of cheap though, but when did the Joker need ample articulation if all he needed was a funny yet scary gimmick? This is THE JOKER, for real guys. And it's a shame it's such an underrated figure, but he's one of my favorite Joker figures of all time. That's it for series 2 of LoTDK. Not a lot more to go with, but see, one of the best thing about it's line was its villain to bat-variant ratio. There's three bad guys left, and they are absolutely horrifying and excellent at the same time.

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