Friday, September 19, 2014

Lethal Impact Bane

Lethal Impact Bane

He thrives on scorpion venom pumped directly into his twisted brain, finding incredible power in this lethal potion that would instantly kill any other living being. As Lethal Impact Bane metabolizes the poison, his body gains immense bulk and strength, and his mind grows ever more evil. Batman must overcome his massive, venom-powered punch in order to conquer Bane and protect the people of Gotham City.

Yeah, screw the people of Gotham City. Nothing to see here. I think this is the biggest Bane figure out there.

It's a pretty fun figure, scary and monstruous. His waist is articulated but it's rather loose so whenever his tubes are plugged onto his head, if he swings, they will pop out. It's kind of annoying.

He comes with a clawed punching glove. He has a button on his back that when pushed his left arm goes up and down.

"Mister Batman, when we are done here, it is you who will be pulverized!"

This Bane is HUUUUUGE. Most of the figures in this line are about 6-7 in. tall, and my army of 5in. tall figures are no match for this behemoth. He's a fun figure and not hard to find. Probably one of my faves in this line. Then again all the villains in this line are amazing sculpts.

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