Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Assault Gauntlet Batman

Assault Gauntlet Batman

From a horrible nightmare, Batman awakens to a twisted, parallel world where the criminals are in total, tyrannical control. In this apocalyptic vision of Gotham City, the villains are unimaginably deadly and the Dark Knight finds himself surrounded. To fight back and regain control, he develops Neural Suit technology that acts as an integral part of his being, tapping into his thoughts and impulses and automatically reacting to danger without hesitation. Now, Batman becomes a living breathing weapon and his adventures become Legends of the Dark Knight!

Before I get into review I'll tell you a few things about Legends of the Dark Knight. These figures were developed at a time when McFarlane's Spawn (y'all know who Spawn is? I don't need to tell you do I?) was a big part of comic book literature, and the toys were in all the shelves. For everyone who remembers the epoch and has owned a McFarlane figure, they are nightmarish detailed, animal, raw and almost demonic. Who better than Batman and his allies and enemies to be depicted in this fashion? Even the comic books were nightmarish at times, although they have always been sort of nightmarish anyways...I say that Batman should ALWAYS be drawn this way! Dark, scary and like a rabid bat creeping in the shadows, waiting to take you to HELL! These figures are all very detailed, and they have nice concepts, but they are also really colorful. They also had some very hard to find Toyfare exclusive repaints, and sadly they will not be reviewed because I do not have them. Anyways, journey into the dark shadows of hell on Earth: Gotham City...*mist and whoosh*

Sensing an evil threat, Assault Gauntlet Batman's Neural Suit reacts with neural pumped power, tremendously increasing his strength and size to take on even the biggest, baddest villain. To finish off the job, the suit materializes power gloves with spike strike missiles that blast off and cut through any criminal's stronghold.

At the beginning of this year I had ALL but this figure and Dive Claw Robin. They are now in my collection. I avoided this one for a long time because of the cheese colored cheesy lookin' gauntlets of doom! And the weakly applied reds. This figure would have been NICE in just black or grey or grey and blue, etc. Batman USUALLY looks ok in red and black, but this is not one such example. It's also one of the most bootlegged Batman figures I have ever seen on my life. Holy cow.

Despite my criticism, this is actually a nice mold, and a very fun toy. His main gimmick is that he shoots his gauntlet spikes from both his arms. They are fantastically detailed, but the yellow really obscures this.

The cape is really nice and has vertebrae details sticking out of it. The yellow, once again ruins it.

That's all he comes with. Also, his crotch is not a T crotch; its a V crotch. I thought only Catwoman had those? Either way when he sits down he looks like a baby.

This is NOT the best figure of the line. But it's certainly not the worst. None of them are bad, really, but the execution of the first wave of Batmen is spotty at best. Later waves had much better figures. Still a really fun toy. Did I mention he is REALLY muscular? Sheesh.

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