Monday, September 1, 2014

Samurai Batman

Samurai Batman

So Samurai Batman here is a very interesting figure. He's very imposing, comes with period armor and with a variety of weapons!

I must say that the dark lavender and dark gray colors work very well with this figure. The gold colored weapons are long and are to be held with both hands. His main feature is the whole pull the waist and let go slashing motion. It's not very effective with this figure because of his pose. The pose is kind of annoying. It's dynamic yeah, but limits playability.

He comes with three weapons: A longsword, a spiked club and a flag emblem that he can also hold. He can carry two weapons in his cape while holding one. I love it how some of these figures can carry their weapons on their cape, altough so far I've seen this on Samurai Batman and Dark Warrior Batman.

It's not hard to imagine Samurai Batman commanding a rebel army of Bat-themed or Robin themed ancient Japanese warriors galloping along a idyllic meadow ready to engage the forces of Luthor-san and the forces of evil in a Manga version of The Dark Knight Strikes again with this figure. It's not a bad figure, but the pose is really annoying.

There's other ancient themed Batmen, but these are inspired by truly ancient periods in time. The others are themed in more recent points in history such as the Middle Ages and the wild west. Oh yeah, and the times when the pirates roamed the seas upon the discovery of the New World. Nice bunch of figures, I love how unique this line is. Next time historical period themes would happen again was during the Return of Bruce Wayne era in the 2000's where they made a Caveman Batman, a Witch hunter Batman and so forth...Can't say I've been interested in both the storyline or the figures. But maybe someday I'll review them as well. There was also a Samurai themed Batman figure from the Japanese Microman line that I'm currently struggling to track down, but someday I'll find it...Oh and whatever happened to Cat-Patra aka Egyptian Catwoman?

Not an asp, but close enough. A broken heart is the worst pain in the world.

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