Sunday, August 31, 2014

Viking Batman

Viking Batman

Viking Batman is a very...ahem interesting figure with an interesting history of acquisition. Flashback 1995. For those who don't know I lived in Venezuela between 1994 and 2000, which is where I acquired a large number of my figures. 125 approx, all usually wave 1 or 2. Very rarely did wave 3s and 4s come to toy stores. Strangely enough we'd sometimes get exclusives on the shelves. AAanyways, I went to a party of a childhood friend (he was no friend, but a bully), and his mom noticed that. So embarassed they did a quiz game and I, being smarter than everyone else, won the main prize... VIKING BATMAN! And it was a bootleg. I've laughed at that every day since. In fact, I acquired THE REAL Viking Batman THIS YEAR! Batzarro is sitting somewhere else. Thing is, bootlegs can be found everywhere on the planet, but they are more pervasive in Latin American countries on this side of the globe. Someday I'll take pics of Batzarro, but I'm just relieved at the fact that THE REAL Viking Batman can at least hold his axe. I guess he is worthy...

HE ALSO COMES WITH ONE, not two, BUT ONE ELBOW JOINT! This is for his hip swinging action. Swing the hip to one side with the arm extended, let go and he will swing the axe forward-sideways. Neat, huh? He's obviously posed like all the other figures in the line *groan*, and is in my opinion the blandest looking one in terms of color. But he's nicely detailed with a fuzzy sided cape and an armored Bat-symbol.

He also looks like he's smiling. There's a reason why I put off so long on buying him, because of the bad karma carried on by the bootleg version and's kind of my least favorite. But he's not bad. He's very fun and very nice you're holding him up close. Comes with axe, cape and shield.

Final thoughts: He's a nice Batman with a nice historical theme. I would have preferred more fuzz, or like a bear coat overall. I dunno. He has too much Batman and not enough Viking in my opinion. This contributes to how bland it is, and how easy it was to bootleg...

"Your dishonorable Nordic misdeeds are over, my friend..."

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