Monday, August 25, 2014



Well, at least it's not George Perez' old disco outfit, but Nightwing here is depicted in one of his crazy costumes. He's in a nice light blue color which is actually darker in real life. He's posed in a very dynamic martial arts pose which looks awkward when his head is looking forward.

He comes with a yellow spring loaded weapon that shoots a red polygonal missile and his cowl armor. He also sports a pony tail. This is one chiseled Nightwing, I might add.

Again, the pose thing really makes the figure loose some playability and it's important to note that the weapon was designed with this in mind. Final thoughts: My first Nightwing figure. I wasn't introduced to Nightwing formally 'till '97 when The New Adventures of Batman came out. Yeah, I read comic books, but for some reason all the issues I had never had featured Nightwing. Overall, being the FIRST Nightwing figure ever made, this is a must for collectors who enjoy the aesthetics of this line and who are Nightwing fans, but the figure itself I don't hold in great esteem. It's interesting to note that this line had no Robin figure. This is as good as it gets folks!

That's all for now folks. I need time to shoot some more figures. Next up we will look at Knightsend Batman and his repaint, and the villainous Catwoman!

"Come get it!"

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