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Crusader Batman

Legends of Batman:
The History
<i>The Legends of Batman have always existed and always will, throughout history and into the distant future. Inspired by the timeless DC comics, the Legends of Batman action figure collection features the dark superhero as he's never been seen before-stronger and more muscular-battling crime throughout time.</i>

The Legends of Batman collection has always been one of my favorites. It was the only comic style line back in the early to mid-90's and provided some support to the Batman Forever line as well as the later waves of Batman The Animated Series, Crime Squad and The Adventures of Batman and Robin. This was back when Batman figures clogged all toy store pegs, and it was heaven, wasn't it? Nowadays Batman figures are so hard to obtain... But I digress.
LoB as some call it features muscular figures, far more muscular than any Batman figure before-a strong departure from the often reused Super Powers/The Dark Knight Collection/Batman Returns mold. They were also at most times featured in poses which affect playability in my opinion. Classic comic figures from the 90's were featured in their comic inspired costumes such as Nightwing, Knightsend/Knight Quest Batman, Catwoman, etc. But as it was common those days, most of the collection is made up of variants. However, these are the most interesting variants I've ever seen as they featured Batman in different time and region inspired outfits such as Samurai Batman, Dark Warrior Batman (AKA Zorro Batman) from past eras and then futuristic themed figures such as Flightpack Batman and the aptly named Future Batman. Each figure came with an awesome collectors card drawn by (please let me know who drew them). The collector cards feature a picture of the figure in amazing beautiful artistic detail, and the backs feature the LoB History and the figure's history. I have most of them and they will be posted before the toy's review. Feel free to read each one's story. They were so creative back in the day! I <3 Kenner. But personal points aside, they also had Warner Brother Stores exclusive repaints which I do not possess in my collection. Eventually I'll post samples of carded figures once I *steal* pictures from unsuspecting e-bay sellers hehehe...

Crusader Batman, the classic Batman made in 1994 for Legends of Batman was the best comic style Batman figure we had at that point in time. He comes in his classic grey/blue outfit although the suit is actually more bluish than it is grey. He's slightly posed with his left fist raised in a punch like motion, but this is actually the most neutrally posed figure in the entire collection. He's got an action figure that when the waist is rotated and let go he will "punch" someone.
His cape is made out of plastic, which is an annoying departure from figures that came before his time. I've always hated plastic capes because they make it hard for the figure to pose and in this case they tend to fall out because they fit loosely around the figure's neck.

He comes with a spring loaded weapon that fires surprisingly far. This launcher has been reused and repainted in later lines.


Notable things: His bat ears are very tall and point and his gauntlet spikes are quite long. His face looks rather...severe yet calming. He is the protector of Gotham after all.

"There can only be one!"

Here's my final thoughts. I can't really grade these figures. Each one of them is a standalone 90's style action figure. They all have their pros and their cons, but Crusader Batman stands tall as the best of his time, though I call it "a work in progress". My personal favorite in this line will be revealed later when that figure is reviewed. But Crusader Batman is not it. However he is a fun, classic Batman figure that all hardcore collectors should have.

Next up: Knightquest Batman


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