Saturday, August 23, 2014

So it is a well documented fact that I, Emperor Dinobot, have a very large Batman collection spanning from 1990-present era. Most of my collection is made up of mostly loose figures, few of them remaining in their packaging. What started when I was 4 grew into a Gotham City madness that continues today. This was my collection in January 2013: Here is my Batman Collection. I know it's a lot to take in, and to think this was taken January of last year! Nowdays I have a very complete Arkham DC collection, a lot of the mainstream variants in stores, etc. As you have probably noticed, you will see no hot toys or play arts or anything that's above 7in tall (except for the figures up top, which I'm going to get rid of). I have also added things like '66 Mattel figures and the Batmobile. Very cool stuff? You bet. New pictures? Well, my collection is a bit in shambles right now and dusty. I've gotten rid of most of the Non Batman bad guys. They were goons and they were fired or are in the process of being fired. This room takes up a lot of dust, and this isn't the only collection I curate. I also collect Transformers, Dinosaurs, Bionicles, etc. Other blogs will be set up for them. The purpose of this particular blog is to showcase all the figures individually. And in advance I apologize as my picture taking skills aren't the best (I'm not gonna show you blurry pics ever like *cough*Transfan*cough*...) and that is because I happen to be active at night like a true Bat-man, so mea culpa. While none of my lines are 100% complete, several of them are 99% complete and I am missing several accessories on some of the earlier lines like Batman: The Animated Series and Batman Returns. My Legends of Batman Collection is actually complete but not counting the WB exclusive repaints. While I do sometimes engage in repaints I prefer to keep them to a 1-mold=completion ratio. I'm sure there's a lot of reviews for the main Batmen in Legends of Batman as they were the best comic-style figures we had in the early 90's, but my aim to review not just Crusader Batman, Knightquest/Knightsend Batman and the villains, but the rest of them. As we go along I will get into other lines with the intent of slowly completing the database. The next post will be just that: Crusader Batman.

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