Monday, August 25, 2014

Knightsend Batman


Azrael before he became so sharp he couldn't move. This muscled, armored, posed Batman was the first Azrael figure (second, actually because Knightquest Batman came out before this one did) in the blue costume. He still has his cape before he put on those weird wings.

Despite the obvious flaws which are plastic cape, oversized weapon and pose, this is actually a fantastic, fun figure. I love the colors, the pose is dynamic, and the disc weapon is just FUN. I love disc weapons. They usually fire far longer than any missiles out there. MATTEL TAKE NOTICE the spikes on the gauntlets on this figure are on the correct direction.

When the cape is removed, you can see his golden interior armor. The colors in this figure are fantastic. The blues and greys are gold and dark, unlike the Mattel version of this figure which re-imagined the figure with shinier blues and a lighter grey, but I feel that this figure's colors match the look and feel of comics in the 90's.


This is a fantastic figure. If you're gonna get a figure from Legends of Batman, get this one. I also have the repaint... Next up is Catwoman!

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