Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Energy Surge Batman

Energy Surge Batman

Somewhat inspired by the armored Batman in Frank Miller's famous armored Batman who beat Superman up with a costume that drained all of Gotham City's energy, this figure is its own thing. It's a very unusual figure, and the rarest one in the line.

I can't tell you how much I love this figure. He's clad in silver chrome, but he's painted in a way that he isn't as silvery as Silver Knight Batman, but he's got some dark highlights on his boots and all over its armored body that just look so good! The cape also isn't toally black and it's somewhat more rubbery than other plastic capes we have seen. His grimace is menacing as hell, and I love that tube weapon! The tube plugs into a hole on his chest, suggesting that the weapon draws energy from some power source built on the suit. The missile is spring loaded and doesn't shoot as far as say...Crusader Batman's missile. But it's a very cool looking missile. Reminds me of Cyborg. The entire figure reminds of Cyborg. Mash this figure up with Cyborg Batman's laser eye and then it would be a true Cyborg inspired Batman.

Probably one of my favorites of the entire line along with Flightpack Batman and another figure that is yet to be reviewed, this Batman is AWESOME. He's posed in a dramatic sort of way, and it's easy to picture him reciting Shakespeare or yelling at the tomb of his parents. I'm not just saying he's awesome because he's the rarest, but because this is a very nice stand alone Batman figure.

They just don't make them like this anymore... Comes with removable cape, which remarkably actually stays on the figure, gun and missile.

Highly recommended, this figure isn't that hard to find anymore because most collectors have moved on and collect Hot Toys or premium figures that are available in the present.

That's it for futuristic themed Batmen, next up we'll start with the ancients!

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