Saturday, August 23, 2014

Knightquest Batman

Knightquest Batman


Bane broke the Bat, but Azrael the man who broke the Bat. Then he hijacked the identity of The Batman and took over Gotham City as its protector, but he was famous for being ultra-violent; something Batman was not going to allow. Many artists draw the AzBats red costume differently, and this figure's repaint, Ultra Armor Batman matches the final Az Bats outfit better. But this figure isn't bad.

Clad in a full red outfit, gold clawed gauntlets and full helmet, this is an impressive Batman. Mom used to call it "The Devil Batman". It really was the scariest Batman figure I had seen up to that point. It still scares me today! The fire missile doesn't help either.

The figure comes with a far flying spring loaded fire missile weapon and his signature weird cape. The cape actually prevents the figure from standing upright so he is a bit of a pain in the butt to picture. He stands better without it. Ultra Armor Batman is the same way.

This is a very detailed figure. The gauntlets are very detailed, the spikes are in the right direction unlike Mattel's version...more on that later...

If it weren't for his inability to stand up, this would have been my favorite figure of the time. He's got two repaints, the WB version and Ultra Armor Batman. Highly reccomended. No grade. Next up is Nightwing!

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