Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Future Batman

Future Batman

I would like to amend the Cyborg Batman post by stating that this was actually my first Legends of Batman purchase. I remember swearing never to buy Batman figures 'coz back then my family was in dire financial straits so I hid it from my dad because I felt guilty, then I came out of the closet crying about how mom had bought me a Batman figure and he was like "it's alright, seriously sheesh, that's a nice figure too, probably one of your better ones!". Sorry dad, but I couldn't pass out on these new Batman figures, and I'm a sucker for full helmet figures. The only one I had with a full helmet was Total Armor Batman. I kind of wish his helmet was also removable, but this is a bad-arse looking Batman. The green makes it look demonic and scary. I would just paint it black and slap a red Batman Beyond symbol on it and we'd have a great repaint!

I actually have two of this figure. The one pictured is NOT the one I originally got, but one I found at a yard sale that happened to be in better shape than my original one. My original one is PRETTY WORN. THAT is a testament to how much I loved this toy through the years. One of my favorites from this line, really! You know why? Because he's one of the most neutrally posed figures in the Legends of Batman collection, comes with a covered helmet, which seems to be a trend in this collection, and he's actually got flight equipment. I've always known Batman doesn't fly, so this is a helpful crimefighting tool. Flight is the ultimate superhuman power after all in my honest opinion.

The main action feature is the wings. Pushing them down will make him into flightless mode. Pushing the button on the backpack down will make the wings flip back up. This feature was reused on a Batman Forever figure that's the same concept, but totally different mold. More on that sometime along the way.

This figure has a sort of retro Jetsons sort of look to him that I really appreciate. This line also did those odd stamped bat symbols that I forgot to mention with Cyborg Batman. I always felt they just got lazy because even in the collector card he's got the black and yellow bat emblem. Neither the backpack nor the figure have this, just a lazily stamped bat emblem. Cyborg Batman has a lazy silver stamp. Other figures in the line have this "issue". I call it an issue because I really don't know what to think of it. Laziness or something else? Legends of the Dark Knight figures also had this...now that I think about it it was just the Power Gauntler Batman figure with a lazy yellow stamp. Figure comes with some sort of double barreled weapon that doesn't fire anything and the flightpack.

Freaking camera doesn't take good close-ups. This Batman figure looks demonic and almost villainous, which is why I count the original one to be some sort of evil bat-android. Also, this was the first figure in my collection that did not have a hand held launching weapon of sorts. Final thoughts: Awesome figure, ahead of its time by approximately 5 years when Batman Beyond came out. Again, I'm a sucker for fully helmeted figures. His shoulder pauldrons will leave scars on the figure's biceps if you raise his arms up too high so be warned. His arms will not do a 360 degree turn unless you break the figure. That's another drawback. Next up Flightpak Batman!

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