Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Flightpak Batman

Flightpak Batman

Flightpak Batman AKA Iron-man Batman, one of my favorites in the line. I'm an absolute sucker for vac-metallized parts and this figure has held surprisingly well over the years. I remember hunting for this figure for a long time and finding nothing, 'till my mom went on vacation and miraculously brought it to me even several years after it had been out of the shelves. This is an awesome figure, but as I age, my opinion on the figure goes down. Let me tell you why.

The figure's main gimmick is its vac-metal coloring as well as its oversized backpack, which makes it a "deluxe". the other deluxe figures are Silver Knight Batman and Desert Knight Batman. Oh yeah and the next entry Energy Surge Batman. 100th edition Batman is also vac-metalized. The posed right arm is a PAIN. If it were not folded, he'd be a very neutrally posed figure. Also, the backpack follows that whole Knight's End/Knight's Quest Batman circle symbol, which leads me to believe THIS IS ACTUALLY AZRAEL, posing as Batman in the stratosphere and in space. This is definitely some sort of space suit, and to be honest, he makes a better armor suit than Tony Stark hehe!

The action gimmick is that the halves of the flightpack open up revealing a very cool shiny blue Batman figure inside, but the feature doesn't work if the figure is holding his weapon. Remove the weapon, store it in one of the peg holes, lower the right arm as down as possible, push the button and there you go. Quick armor action. You may resume play by putting the phaser on the figure's hand. Lame/cool/eh if you ask me. Still all that blue, all that shiny... Lovely detailed figure.

This is a very hard figure to picture at night. The shininess just bounces the light all over. Figure can be found under $20 on ebay. I highly recommend it even though it's just "some stinky variant" because it's...really REALLY cool despite the drawbacks. Next up: The ELUSIVE Energy Surge Batman!

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