Monday, August 25, 2014



The sexy femme fatale in Batman's life for a time taunted AzBats, flying around all over Gotham. Here she is depicted in her purple and black 90's outfit. She is probably one of the best figures in this line, better than the other villains in my opinion.

She is the first Catwoman figure whose arm doesn't have a whipping action. Which was a surprise to me when I acquired this figure a few years ago (yes it took me that long!). She is slightly posed, it's annoying to stand her up sometimes, but she looks good!

She comes with a rubber whip, a backpack and a hook. I never really wanted to unravel the nylon rope because I've never had a good history with those. They always end up in nasty impossible knots and...yeah. By the looks of it the rope is quite long and she can hang on to stuff. Perfect realistic accessory for a cat-burglar!

"Sorry sweetie, but you're no Bat-man!"

Final thoughts: This line is not devoid of bad guys, and only three of them are comic accurate: Catwoman, Joker and to an extent the Riddler. She can still be found cheaply on ebay and isn't particularly rare. If you're a fan of Catwoman, this is a figure I highly recommend. Next up: BONUS ROUND!!!!!!!!!

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