Thursday, September 4, 2014

Power Guardian Batman

Power Guardian Batman

The ONLY Legends of Batman figure I was missing 'till two days ago, I was actually pleasantly surprised. A few days ago I reviewed Pirate Batman Vs. Pirate Two-Face, Pirate Batman being a straight repaint of this figure, this review will be slightly more in depth.

Pleasantly surprised refers to the dull color scheme actually looking NICE rather than DULL, which is why I passed on this figure since 1994. He was also a shelfwarmer. But upon opening it, it's actually a lot nicer than he looks in the package Collect Them All pictures, which don't help the figure at all.

I like to call him Zorro Batman because...well...he is Zorro according to the collector card. He's definitely a fencer, down to the protective chest plate armor. The shield is actually the weird part out, which he actually holds. I think he looks a lot nicer when he's holding the dagger and the rapier.

As it is usual in this line, he's got a thumb wheel action feature. Spinning the thumbwheel causes his arm to spin.

-Señor, ud. está en malos pasos. Lo mandaré a la cárcel!-

That translates to "Sir, you are wrongdoing! I shall send you to jail!". Well, excluding the WB exclusives, I have every one of these figures now, complete with weapons. I feel quite fulfilled. Oh and to celebrate I actually have PACKAGE PICS!!!

Next up, the OTHER Zorro Batman...

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