Saturday, September 13, 2014

Total Justice Robin

Total Justice Robin

This is one of my favorite Robins ever. Not only is he armored, but he comes with tons of weapons, and boy does he look angry.

He's got tons of details, and yeah he comes in a silly pose, and he can't really make his hands rotate, but it's the tons of accessories he comes with that makes him so cool. He comes with a standard issue disc launcher, a bo staff he can hold by the handle or with both hands, and at the ends of the bo staff there are two attachments with a movable blade. Very cool. Oh and let's not forget about the chest plate. Without the armor he looks pretty nice. I love the bright, vibrant Robin colors.

I really enjoy the look and accessories of the Total Justice line. They can be sorta kooky at times, like Superman's Kyrptonite ray gun or Hawkman's giant claws, but the accessories are always character specific like Green Lanter's armor being made out of his ring, and of all the kooky things they could have done, they gave Robin his trademark bo staff.

Without a doubt this is my favorite Total Justice figure, and while I only own Batman family characters, I'm pretty sure including the rest in my collection wouldn't change my mind. I highly recommend it.

The dynamic duo looks great with and without armor together. If you have Batman, get Robin.

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