Friday, September 5, 2014

Long Bow Batman

Long Bow Batman

His brother the king? What a travesty. Who is his brother anyways? Anywho, reading into the card too deeply aside, this is a wonderful figure. I mean, like all the others he suffers from the drawback of being too posed, but he manages to kick butt anyways with a plethora of weapons and armor.

Anyone need an old fashioned sniper? Well here's your man. He doesn't strike me as a Robin Hood type character. He's a soldier Batman, and I'm not so sure I agree with the concept or the BS story. But anyways, the figure is good at being pictured, if anything. The green color is a refresher, since no other figure in this line is green except for Future Batman. He can shoot arrows by putting the arrow inside the hole and lining up the arrow's groove on the nylon rope, pulling and letting go. Kinda weak, but meh.

He comes with cape, longbow, 3 arrows, quiver and a dagger that may come in handy in some sticky situations.

He can hold the quiver in his belt.

He can also hold the longbow on his cape. Pretty awesome that he can do all these things!

"Ya feelin' lucky, punk?!"

Great figure, great details, even the pose looks good. Here he's pictured with the other arrow guy: Crossbow Robin, the subject of my next review.

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