Sunday, September 7, 2014

Silver Knight Batman

Silver Knight Batman

Boy is this figure a pain in the silver butt. But he is very shiny, and we all know I like shiny things.

This figure is bulky, and I don't say that because he's heavy, but because he's fat. Even his cape is fat. And the pose really doesn't help. If we could somehow re-do this figure in a neutral pose, heck yeah. There's a Silver Samurai Batman figure made by Microman in 3.5 inches tall scale that puts this figure AND Samurai Batman to shame, but you'll just have to wait for me to get that.

But I'm not gonna give this figure an unfair review. It's just that he was my favorite for a long time so his legs are really loose-a condition that many shiny Batman figures suffer since they are made out of a white pasty plastic that's different from the usual. I actually have another Silver Knight Batman with some worn sections of chrome so you can see the plastic that they are made of, but more on that later (and upon request lol). Chrome seems to adhere better to plastic than to rubber, but if anyone here has Transmetal Beast Wars figures, the parts that have the chromes on them are made of the same plastic. But for some reason they adhere better to Batman figures than to Transformers. In Batman figures they don't chip: they fade. Anyways, his loose legs make it difficult for him to stand up, which was hard before anyways. That's another trend with these figures. The cape and pose sometimes make them difficult to stand up.

He comes with four accessories: A rubberized cape that's thicker than other plastic capes and has a bit of "texture" to it, a spiked club, the "vorpal sword" (funny story, by the way: I recently re-acquired this JUST for this review), and a shield that goes on its forearms. He's got an action feature. Lift the lever on the pack and the figure raises up his arms. Push down and he will swing down the arms. It's very difficult to do with the cape on, which btw, is very hard to remove. The armor itself is extremely detailed, just like knights used to wear. It's a very imposing, awesome figure, but it needs HUGE improvements.

"By the power of Bat-skull!!!"

It's a very cool figure, just like I said, playability isn't as good as it could be. Still an old favorite.

That takes care of every figure in this line, save for more WB repaints, two villains and a special edition figure. Now, speaking of WB repaints, most figures in this line got a repaint EXCEPT for Silver Knight, Flightpak, Desert Knight and Dark Rider Batman. I always thought that was interesting. 3 figures left! And don't think I forgot about the vehicles either!

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